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Simple things make the biggest difference!

The Saralsewa™ Store

The unique shopping app where you do not shop for products ... you buy service assistance. Be it E-Gov applications, banking or financial products, bill payments, business services, ticketing or normal banking services. Just select and place an order. Our trained Facilitator - the Saral Emitra will reach and assist you in availing services. Securely.

Quick Collect is a Saralsewa initiative in association with SabPaisa. If a customer needs to make any form of payment ... bills, taxes, fees, premium or others; all he needs to do is to click on the link and make the payment through any mode of digital payment - netbanking, DC / CC, BHIM / UPI, Wallets or payments through NEFT.

The Saralsewa Tablet

The Saralsewa All-in-one Tablet is a 7 in Tablet with a STQC certified Fingerprint scanner for all Aadhar based services and transactions. It is a single device which enables any Saral Cash Point to work without buying laptops or desktops. It is equipped with all Saralsewa apps required for banking, DMR, B2C and e-gov services.

Saral पे AEPS

Saralsewa™ has launched its Saral Pe AEPS with ICICI Bank which is made available to all Saral Cash Points for enabling convenient and secure banking in rural areas. Its uniqueness is the ability to transact any amount of money with a maximum of Rs 10000 per Aadhaar per day.

Saral Trader App

The Saral Trader App is an alternative of Card payments and card swipe facilities. The App uses Aadhar authentication for collection of bills from customers ... directly from their Bank accounts. Biometric authentication leads to the minimization of frauds.

Saralsewa B2C

Saralsewa, as per its business model, is a multi-service and brand agnostic service provider. It provides its retailers a multi-service platform so that no transactions or customer requests are missed. It thus provides more that two options for basic business services viz; AEPS, bill payments, recharges, ticketing, Money Transfer and bill payments.

Saral Haat

Saralsewa works as a service and market aggregator aso. The availibility of rural art and craft in large volumes across India has inspired it to make an open platform for direct access by artisans and craftsmen. We make the handicraft available to customers globally. The network of Saral Cash Point and Saralsewa Facilitators act as the connecting link.


Saralsewa works as a platform for new ventures which enable services in unserved areas and allow locally available human resources to serve and earn. SaralRide is a similar platform underwhich we intend to engage available youth with Motorcycles to not only act as Bike Taxi drivers but also to act as service delivery persons for the Doorstep service requirements under the Saralsewa™ Store.

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We bridge the gaps … digitaly and in simple ways!

The New Saralsewa Tablet

Services enabled:

  1. ICICI Bank Aadhar Payment service app
  2. Saral Trader app
  3. YES Bank AEPS app
  4. Saral B2C services app
  5. Saralsewa – Smartshop B2C app
  6. Saralsewa™ Store app
  7. Saralsewa – 5Nance services
  8. Digilocker
  9. Jeevan Praman
  10. BBPS bill payment


  1. 7 inch Android calling Tablet
  2. Android version 8.1
  3. SIM and WiFi facility
  4. 1 year warranty
  5. STQC certified Mantra FPS
  6. 1 year RD service registered
  7. Standard integrated casing

The Saralsewa™ Advantage

We all need services, from the Governments, Banks, Insurance companies, Business houses, in ticketing, sending money and in facilitating many other facilities. But despite online availibility of most of them, time constraint, issues of waste of time and money etc limit their use to a limited few. Saralsewa™ offers facility to get assisted services, that too in the conforts of your home. Order your required service online and our Facilitator, a Saral E-mitra, will reach you within 3 hrs and assist you in availing services securely. So, no more queues, no more waste of time, no more middlemen !


Saralsewa™ is a multi service aggregation platform working on a Facilitator model. A Facilitator is a service provider who assists citizens in availing online services through the available open access platforms. He trains people in self-service and promotes various available legal citizen charters such as Jharkhand Right to Guarantee of Service Act 2011 and Bihar Right to Public Services. Saralsewa™ Banks upon the development of skill of local youth as Facilitators and citizens as self-serving customers. If required, the service delivery to rural and urban customers is done on a chargeable basis for viability.

Saral Cash Point

Managing and operating a Bank account still remains a challenge in villages. This is especially relevant in the case of poor Government beneficiaries, pensioners, MNREGA workers and other rural citizens. Saral Cash Point being set in villages to enable convenient Aadhaar enabled banking facilities in such areas. People can withdraw and deposit money securely from any bank account. this now available as a viable business opportunity for the youth.

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Saralsewa partners with major service providers to make the Saral Cash Points more unique and better. So, we have partnered with 5Nuance and offer the 5Care service platform, which is a brand agnostic platform of almost all financial products. Citizens can avail services of their choice and get the facility of an expert financial advisor. So, be it a insurance policy, heath insurance, vehicle insurance, Mutual Funds and SIPs, NPS or pension funds or loans and FDs; citizens can now have their own choices.


Saralsewa™ works on a multi-service aggregator model with the objective of simplifying access to online services and Financial services. We believe in the fact that “Simple things make the biggest differences!”

We Identify Problems

We identify basic problems people face in availing their basic day to day services. We specially look deep into the rural and urban areas alike and analyse the problems and their reasons.

We Improvise

We then improvise by innovating and disrupting existing processes of service deliveries with the background of the problems people face. Our objective remains simple ; enhancement of citizen convenience.

We Implement

We implement the improvised service delivery mechanisms through our network of Saralsewa Kendras, Saral Cash Points, Bharat Seva Kendras which are self-sustainable self-employment based outlets.

The Saralsewa™ Team


Saralsewa™has been expanding rapidly. Thanks to all partners and clients who have wholeheartedly supported with their expertise and services, we intend to grow at a much faster pace !

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